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Hello, hello, I’m Katie Alice. Owner of KAReynoldsLtd I am a university graduate, and I have studied both fashion and textiles to degree level. I’m also an artist, illustrator, fashion designer; textiles print designer, costume maker, wearer of socks, a budding guitarist, creative entrepreneur, dog owner, inspired by everything and anything. I’m a lover of the strange, the unusual and pyjama days. I’m also nerd, loon, vegetarian, huge Tolkien fan, avid tea drinker, daughter, sister, niece and friend. I plan to make a living doing what I love. Rock the handmade movement - I sell on etsy, fundraise for the RNIB & own a dog! If you fancy it checkout my website Or my etsy shop Tumblr

Enter The Dragon

I’ve been going through some of my old artwork and came across a rather handsome dragon…and realised I never uploaded a finished version of my earlier WIP

Spring Is Coming

Wow…I officially haven’t posted anything for like a whole year…actually it might even be longer than that!

New year’s resolution – start posting again!

Everything’s changed its a little bit scary…still lets keep our hopes bright for the future.

Paint the Roses Red


Paint and wire writing art

As High As Honour

as high as honor 2.jpg

Ok so I haven’t posted anything for ages and ages and ages, work work work blah blah blah…anywhoo I’m going to start posting art and stuff regularly I swear…



The Underbelly of the Beast


I really thought hard about the colours and fell in love with the blue/green one,  a little untypical for a dragon, but fit well…as a useless nugget of info when inverted its blue and pink!

IMAG1237 2

One Little Goose

Took these on holiday last october, I had no idea that geese were so photogenic 😉

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