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Jo Cox charity single to be recorded by politicians and pop stars

KT Tunstall, David Gray and Suzi Quatro to join Parliamentary Choir with version of You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Twenty-five MPs from across the political spectrum will take part in the Jo Cox tribute. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

A unique parliamentary charity single is to be recorded on Thursday by a group of MPs and pop stars to raise cash for the launch of the Jo Cox Foundation.

The late MP’s former colleagues Kevin Brennan, Sir Greg Knight, Pete Wishart and Ian Cawsey, already members of the cross-party parliamentary band MP4, are to be joined in the studio by the Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson, KT Tunstall, David Gray, Suzi Quatro and Cockney Rebel’s frontman Steve Harley, to sing alongside the Parliament Choir and the Royal Opera House Thurrock Community Chorus in a new version of the Rolling Stones classic track You Can’t Always Get What You Want from the band’s 1969 album Let It Bleed.

The song has fresh associations with the Donald Trump presidential campaign, but MP4 hope to wrest it back for a worthy cause.

“The team, led by Kevin, who is [a] shadow culture minister, has the full support of the Jo Cox Foundation, and wants the maximum exposure for the event next Thursday and for the single release next year,” said the band’s spokesman, Robin Millar, Sade’s record producer and arranger.

“We are aware that the court case to prosecute the person accused of Mrs Cox’s murder begins on 14 November and that the song in question was hijacked by Donald Trump but this only increases their determination to reclaim the song and the high ground for positive outcomes.”

The track will be recorded at the Backstage Centre in Thurrock with the help of students and apprentices from the National College for the Creative and Cultural Industries under the supervision of its principal, Jane Button.

Pete Waterman Limited’s chief engineer, Phil Harding, and the Rolling Stones’ conductor and music director Suzi Digby will assist, as will classical engineer Tony Falconer.

“Twenty-five MPs from across the political spectrum will also attend and join in the choir to reflect Jo Cox’s campaigning for Better Together, which asserts that more unites genuine politicians than divides them,” Millar told the Observer exclusively this weekend.

The recording and video will go on general release in the new year through Kobalt Music, to raise awareness of the launch of the foundation set up to give a lasting legacy to the work and life of Jo Cox MP, who died in June 2016.


Jo Cox Choir

So I recently joined the Thurrock Community Chorus as a soprano 1, and today we were given the opportunity to record a song to raise cash for the launch of the Jo Cox Foundation! It has been an amazing opportunity working with the amazing Suzi Digby (If you don’t know who she is check out her twitter)

Anyway it was totally awesome!


Read the article HERE more news to follow!

Paint the Roses Red


Paint and wire writing art

As High As Honour

as high as honor 2.jpg

Ok so I haven’t posted anything for ages and ages and ages, work work work blah blah blah…anywhoo I’m going to start posting art and stuff regularly I swear…

Time for a makeover…

So in the spirit of getting back into posting I though I’d start by giving my site a bit of a facelift it might take a while but here’s the new banner art…


Poisoned Apples

poisoned apples

Happy Valentines Day ❤



spring is coming2.jpg

The Underbelly of the Beast


I really thought hard about the colours and fell in love with the blue/green one,  a little untypical for a dragon, but fit well…as a useless nugget of info when inverted its blue and pink!

IMAG1237 2

One Little Goose

Took these on holiday last october, I had no idea that geese were so photogenic 😉

Set of Four Felt Red and Yellow Arrow Pencil Toppers


These pencil toppers make great presents and add a little quirky flare to your writing.
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NOKIA Lumia 800_003910 2

We have a new family member…his name is Alby!

Another arrow pencil set

DSC01448 DSC01450 DSC01451 DSC01454

Coloured pencil set, now on etsy

The Dormouse


Celebrating the 150th birthday of Alice, these quirky wall hangings make a great gift for the curious minded.

These Wall Mounted Animal Heads are handmade, using various felts and british standard padding. As the name suggests these Feltsidermy are created using mainly felt. Each head is filled with wadding and is backed onto a foam disc giving each head a nice backing board and will hang neatly onto the wall with a small loop on the back.

The Dormouse is complete with hand made artistic gold finish wire glasses.

All materials used are vegan friendly and kind to the environment, the felt itself is made from recycled plastic bottles.


IMAG1109 2

Arrow pencil topper set

DSC01430  DSC01433 DSC01429  DSC01432

Coloured pencil set, now on etsy

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And now with wings

Dragon pencil illustration
Dragon pencil illustration

Stealth Nazgul

Stealth Nazgul
Stealth Nazgul

My sister and I were discussing the pros of the Nazgul being invisible.

Her argument was that surely they (the Nazgul) would’ve been much more deadly without all black robes as they could’ve just snuck up on Frodo and scared the bejesus out of him!

I think she has a point.

Apparently this is the end result.

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