How not to tag!

So I’m an idiot.

I’ve been using WordPress for years (with varying degrees of success) and have literally just learnt that the less tags you use the better…I was using the Tumblr mentality of ‘the more the merrier’ which doesn’t work, according to all the help forums I read it can count as tag spamming and actually hide your posts from everyone!

Who knew…


We may be on course to run out of food and/or petrol but at least we can have #FlowersOnFriday p.s – if you read this and you’re not in the the UK don’t panic!

Embroidered bumblebee

So I’ve had a bit of a crappy week, and to relax, get my brain into the right space and bee a little bit more zen I’ve sat quietly and embroidered myself a little bumble bee. Its all sewn free hand using a single strand of coloured floss at a time onto a natural (and excitingly eco friendly, recycled calico!) It’s been so lovely to study the photos of bees from the garden…as we have at least five types of bee I might sew one for each.


Followed the drawing tutorial by my dragons are slightly different to the tutorial but they’re one of my favourite things to draw. I used Windsor & Newton black India ink and arteza brush pens (totally my absolute favourite art medium!)

Bumble Bee

Wishing everyone a happy & safe Thursday. Here’s a bumble bee, in black and white. #savethebees #lovewildlife #MentalHealthMatters


Followed the Landscape tutorial by Graphic Designer Took the drawing one step further by turning it into an oil painting – I’ve never used oil before and its so different to acrylic (it has taken so long to dry!) Kinda feel I’ve channeled my inner Bob Ross. Check out the rest of my dA by following THIS LINK!

Enter The Dragon

I’ve been going through some of my old artwork and came across a rather handsome dragon…and realised I never uploaded a finished version of my earlier WIP

Spring Is Coming

Wow…I officially haven’t posted anything for like a whole year…actually it might even be longer than that!

New year’s resolution – start posting again!

Everything’s changed its a little bit scary…still lets keep our hopes bright for the future.

As High As Honour

as high as honor 2.jpg

Ok so I haven’t posted anything for ages and ages and ages, work work work blah blah blah…anywhoo I’m going to start posting art and stuff regularly I swear…

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