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One Little Goose

Took these on holiday last october, I had no idea that geese were so photogenic ūüėČ

The Dormouse


Celebrating the 150th birthday of Alice, these quirky wall hangings make a great gift for the curious minded.

These Wall Mounted Animal Heads are handmade, using various felts and british standard padding. As the name suggests these Feltsidermy are created using mainly felt. Each head is filled with wadding and is backed onto a foam disc giving each head a nice backing board and will hang neatly onto the wall with a small loop on the back.

The Dormouse is complete with hand made artistic gold finish wire glasses.

All materials used are vegan friendly and kind to the environment, the felt itself is made from recycled plastic bottles.


IMAG1109 2


IMAG1110 2
A mushroom in my garden, I love the colours in this photograph.



Following Alice


Following Alice collection by Katie Alice based on the characters from Alice in Wonderland the children’s book by Lewis Carroll.

 IMG_3568 IMG_3549IMG_3541

 IMG_3539IMG_3534IMG_3552 copy

Models, Izzy, Neelam, Amy and Leah.

Photos, Nikki Farrel and Tommy Couen.

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Apocalypsis collection now on Etsy!

Part of the current Apocalypsis collection for Aw14 make a bold statement in these clothes, the collection features beautifully tailored cotton twill pencil skirts, which fall just above the knee and are high waisted to show off the smallest part of your waist and features a series of four small box pleats at the back of each skirt.

20140623_134523_BKT_1 20140623_140654_BKT_1

Sheer vests that can be dressed up or down,

20140623_135951_BKT_1 20140623_133903_BKT_3


Crop tops which zip up at the front for a slightly punk finish, and features sleeves with little tucks at the shoulder and an open collar that can either stand up or be folded down.


Quirky and fun faux leather cropped jackets, with long hand-cut fringe accents. This jacket is the perfect for layering to create a statement outfit, its also lined in faux leather but is still very lightweight, and perfect for spring or fall.

Wanna see more? head to my shop!




Super excited for tomorrow, going on the biggest ever reading lesson with , &  Join the bear hunt


Re-mixed Dimensions Photo-shoot

9 5

8 7  

Well, here it is the finished Re-mixed Dimensions collection. I’m so happy with these final pieces, there’re all very different but sit well together. Constructed textiles are amongst my favourites due to how tactile you can make them.

I have to give a hugh thank you to Catherine who modelled for me, she looks amazing.

4 2

3 1


Made to be adorned

DSC00203 DSC00204

Experimented with including sleeves on the body, this sits well on the body using felt works well as it holds its shape when manipulated.


DSC00199 DSC00197

After initial researching of all the various things I found influential for this project. I started playing with adornment of my own, using different weighted and textured materials and making each piece individually, decorating them by hand or with a sewing machine and arranging each piece onto a stand to create a silhouette  I like, then sewing all the various pieces together by hand, so that it may be worn on the body.

Heavy Metal.


This particular piece was made during the final year of the FDA in Textiles and Fashion I studied, It was so much fun playing with ideas and pieces of fabric to create something to adorn the body, so I thought why not include it here.



This is a quick ink doodle to show shape on the body, I’m hoping over the next couple of days to make the final pieces and do a photo-shoot.

Constructive Things

Elastic Circles On Velvet With Latex Buttons
Elastic Circles On Velvet With Latex Buttons
Cut-out Shapes
Cut-out Shapes
Cut-out Shapes With Latex Lego Bricks
Cut-out Shapes With Latex Lego Bricks
Loose Felt Woven Strips
Loose Felt Woven Strips

These are some constructed textile experiments I’ve played with, I’m quite happy with them and I’ve used a wide range of methods these are fun to make and if you haven’t tried felting before I highly recommend it.

"Dizzy" Embroidery On Dissolvable Film Modelled Around Lego Bricks
“Dizzy” Embroidery On Dissolvable Film Modelled Around Lego Bricks
Reversed Appliquéd And Quilted Squares
Reversed Appliquéd And Quilted Squares
Sewn Loops
Sewn Loops
"Dizzy" Embroidery On Dissolvable Film
“Dizzy” Embroidery On Dissolvable Film
Elastic Sewn Velvet With Felting
Elastic Sewn Velvet With Felting
"Dizzy" Embroidery Reverse Appliquéd  With Sewn Felting
“Dizzy” Embroidery Reverse Appliqu√©d With Sewn Felting
Interwoven Strips
Interwoven Strips

Making Impressions.


Over the last week I’ve been playing with constructed textiles and thought I’d try laying brass buttons in a dish of latex (so much fun!) It took about 3 days to dry out and when I removed the buttons the latex had imprinted the pattern and taken the colouring from them. Now I can cut them up and use them as buttons.

Stand work/Experiments

testSpent the day playing with fabric on the mannequin, made some interesting shapes its gonna be fun making the final versions!


Working with layers

Ink drawing
Ink drawing

Conveying layers in different media, and experimenting with how it could be used on the body.

Layered paper cut out cogs.
Layered paper cut out cogs.


Untitled-2Researching into armour for my re-mixed dimensions project, focusing on the different textures in metal work. Sexy and a little bit punk.

Making marks

Using a bamboo stick, dipped in paint.
Using a bamboo stick, dipped in paint.

A few quick mark making experiments always free the creative side of me, using different tools and black paint to test out directions lines with can be used on the body.

Diagonal lines created using a toothbrush.
Diagonal lines created using a toothbrush.

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