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bow and arrow

Set of Four Felt Red and Yellow Arrow Pencil Toppers


These pencil toppers make great presents and add a little quirky flare to your writing.
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Another arrow pencil set

DSC01448 DSC01450 DSC01451 DSC01454

Coloured pencil set, now on etsy

Arrow pencil topper set

DSC01430  DSC01433 DSC01429  DSC01432

Coloured pencil set, now on etsy

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Pyrography necklace and bracelet  burned with simple arrows, check them out in my shop

*pyrography is the art of burning wood or leather by hand NO laser of any kind is used.

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Baby get your bow


These are so fun, I made a leather quiver and filled it with felt arrow pencil toppers, on sale in my shop

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