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This is a quick ink doodle to show shape on the body, I’m hoping over the next couple of days to make the final pieces and do a photo-shoot.

Working with layers

Ink drawing
Ink drawing

Conveying layers in different media, and experimenting with how it could be used on the body.

Layered paper cut out cogs.
Layered paper cut out cogs.

Making marks

Using a bamboo stick, dipped in paint.
Using a bamboo stick, dipped in paint.

A few quick mark making experiments always free the creative side of me, using different tools and black paint to test out directions lines with can be used on the body.

Diagonal lines created using a toothbrush.
Diagonal lines created using a toothbrush.

New Arrivals!


Yay! My new business cards are here!

New developments.

Page taken from sketchbook.
Page taken from sketchbook.

A page from my sketchbook showing research development and experimentations using colour and shape in both CAD and on a stand.

Closer details

Page taken from sketchbook.
Page taken from sketchbook.

Photograph of a page from my sketchbook, showing the closeness between stand work/experiments and my research points of architecture.

Quick Doodle

Quick doodle

It’s been a while since I have done a paint on the end of a stick, quick pen and paint doodle – it shows! drawn as further research into Iris van Herpen and the use of shapes and adornment on the body.


Adornment painting,

A quick painting I did to show how a decorative piece of adornment could be worn on the body,

Feathered reflections

nh drawing 5

Simple pen drawings and other images incorporating  different types of feathers and other parts of my research, which can easily be manipulated into quirky and abstract textiles prints to be used as digital prints to be incorporated into my  collection for EABurns.

More doodles

nh drawing 1

Other feather drawings taken from research to be coloured and developed using photoshop into repeat prints and textiles from EABurns.


nh drawing 2

Quick drawing in green pencil, focus on lines with the feather.

Smoke and feathers

nh drawing 4

Development drawings taken from New horizons research using feathers, smoke and other natural elements.

Reflections 2.0

Logical Reflections

Fully coloured illustration, Inverted the figures added more block and contrasting colour to make it more striking  think I prefer this version.



Quick CAD shell doodle.

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