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Colour palette.
Colour palette.

Autumn/Winter 2014 – Earthy hues of Orange and brown, with flashes of contrasting blue, future urban camouflage!

Inspirational development.

Page taken from sketchbook
Page taken from sketchbook

Development taken from research, experimenting with different colours, textures and shapes on the body – using my adornment experiments.

Beyond infinity


‘Beyond infinity’ was a 2011, multi-sensory exhibition by the french artist Serge Salat, using mirrors, light, music, and art within architecture to change visitors’ perceptions of space. This was a large exhibition measuring 12.45 by 10.8 meters at a height of 3.8 meters, the main structure a steel infrastructure with a series of honeycomb aluminium panels covered in mirrors. Internally the space utilises spatial techniques traditional of Suzhou gardens as a means to send the visitor on a ‘mystical journey’. Painted wooden grids and steps add additional structure.


Within the installation, there is music playing, the lighting changes as visitors move throughout the various spaces whose dimensions are almost never ending as a result of the reflections cast by the mirrors helped by the lighting which changes from ultraviolet blue to white, offering a complete cycle that recreates day and night.




Closer details

Page taken from sketchbook.
Page taken from sketchbook.

Photograph of a page from my sketchbook, showing the closeness between stand work/experiments and my research points of architecture.

Quick Doodle

Quick doodle

It’s been a while since I have done a paint on the end of a stick, quick pen and paint doodle – it shows! drawn as further research into Iris van Herpen and the use of shapes and adornment on the body.

Manipulating shape and form

IvH inspiration

Closer look into Iris van Herpens’ work, looking at shapes on the body and how these can be manipulated with different uses of scale and texture, page taken from my sketchbook.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Iris van Herpen.

Source -
Source –

Iris Van Herpen: The Alexander McQueen Of Tech Geeks

As one blogger put it: “I think we just found our next fashion legend. HO. LY. SHIT.

Van Herpen manipulates technology to test all the limits of fashion. Creating pieces by combining modern techniques and traditional sewing.

Even if you don’t have a great deal of interest about fashion technology, this stuff is worth looking at . New ideas and digital technology are already having a great deal of input into the industry, whether you’re talking digitally printed fabric or 3-D creations. It will only become more exaggerated and prominent. Van Herpens’ work, is like a sneak peek into the future about where the fashion world is headed.


Apocalypse, (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis), when translated literally from Greek refers to “a revelation of something hidden”.



Adornment painting,

A quick painting I did to show how a decorative piece of adornment could be worn on the body,

Inspirational materials

Kate Cuasck

The inspirational designer Kate Cusack, If you are unfamiliar with her work – check it out here, creates pieces made with everyday materials which are worn as body adornment.

With experiences in many place including costume design, her work is striking and shown to the best  in Zipper Jewellery. All of these pieces relate to the body, while combining theatrical influences and transformation of items, made in materials that are more seen and not used.

                                              Faithful acceptance  7419237fd47d7561e1a2464cb4bd7050

Colour and trends A/W ’14, to use as initial influence and inspiration for Apocalypsis.

Source – Pinterest.

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