Embroidered bumblebee

So I’ve had a bit of a crappy week, and to relax, get my brain into the right space and bee a little bit more zen I’ve sat quietly and embroidered myself a little bumble bee. Its all sewn free hand using a single strand of coloured floss at a time onto a natural (and excitingly eco friendly, recycled calico!) It’s been so lovely to study the photos of bees from the garden…as we have at least five types of bee I might sew one for each.


I may not be in America, but I remember watching the 9/11 attack – my mum said ‘watch this its serious’ there are moments I remember so vividly even though I was only 10. Blue sky as the names are read out at the Ground Zero 9/11 commemoration. #NeverForget911


I’ve literally just noticed the little check box when creating a post that says ‘Allow comments’ don’t know how I missed it….


Followed the Landscape tutorial by Graphic Designer www.deviantart.com/harrisonhow Took the drawing one step further by turning it into an oil painting – I’ve never used oil before and its so different to acrylic (it has taken so long to dry!) Kinda feel I’ve channeled my inner Bob Ross. Check out the rest of my dA by following THIS LINK!


So, I haven’t posted anything for an age…lots has been happening…what with life surrounding Covid-19 I kinda had a mini breakdown and couldn’t cope with the thought of going online, but I’m planning to rectify that and try to post two or three times a week.

Enter The Dragon

I’ve been going through some of my old artwork and came across a rather handsome dragon…and realised I never uploaded a finished version of my earlier WIP

Spring Is Coming

Wow…I officially haven’t posted anything for like a whole year…actually it might even be longer than that!

New year’s resolution – start posting again!

Everything’s changed its a little bit scary…still lets keep our hopes bright for the future.

The Underbelly of the Beast


I really thought hard about the colours and fell in love with the blue/green one,  a little untypical for a dragon, but fit well…as a useless nugget of info when inverted its blue and pink!

The Dormouse


Celebrating the 150th birthday of Alice, these quirky wall hangings make a great gift for the curious minded.

These Wall Mounted Animal Heads are handmade, using various felts and british standard padding. As the name suggests these Feltsidermy are created using mainly felt. Each head is filled with wadding and is backed onto a foam disc giving each head a nice backing board and will hang neatly onto the wall with a small loop on the back.

The Dormouse is complete with hand made artistic gold finish wire glasses.

All materials used are vegan friendly and kind to the environment, the felt itself is made from recycled plastic bottles.


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