Final Prints

pattern nh 1
Quirky prints for EABurns

So these are my final prints For my New Horizons project for EABurns using my inspirations of feathers, smoke and other natural things interpreted  into some quirky prints in bright colours,  which will go into panels and sections of my designs. Hopefully collection line-up will be uploaded later.

pattern nh 2
Quirky prints for EABurns

What do you think ?I would really love some opinions on it.

Feathered reflections

nh drawing 5

Simple pen drawings and other images incorporating  different types of feathers and other parts of my research, which can easily be manipulated into quirky and abstract textiles prints to be used as digital prints to be incorporated into my  collection for EABurns.

More doodles

nh drawing 1

Other feather drawings taken from research to be coloured and developed using photoshop into repeat prints and textiles from EABurns.

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